My Role: Editor

A young woman on a calming run through a woodland trail hears a bone-chilling scream coming from the forest. Compelled to investigate, she ignores her better instincts and ventures deeper into the thicket as the scream grows more constrained with every hesitant step she takes towards it.

Finally, she makes it to a clearing and discovers its source. There, tied to a tree, looking worse for wear and now devoid of the energy or will to scream is another woman with a hood draped over her head. The jogger tries to speak to the captive but only gets muffled replies and whimpers. The jogger works up the courage to get close enough to remove the hood and the eerie scenario ventures into the inexplicable when she finds herself staring at a tearful, gagged doppelganger.

Terrified yet intrigued, the jogger ungags her double and receives a warning she can’t heed. Before the jogger can react, unseen malevolent forces trap her and recreate the frightful predicament she sought to investigate. Illusion fades and it is learned that the jogger is a victim of a different kind. 
The Team

Director: Sandeep Varma
Executive Producer: Serina Dennis
DP: Jonathan Ruiz
Editors: Jigna (Vora) Pappas, Ricky Herrington