Cedar Crest Center

My Role: Editor

When the Cedar Crest Community Center was forced to close in 2019 due to financial cuts, the community lost a popular and historic space that offered after-school tutoring, adult classes, football leagues, dance classes, and more. Just a year later, Behind Every Door, in partnership with TREC Dallas, stepped in to purchase and restore the property. 

TREC approached Corgan Inc. to help them reimagine the facility, which will include a new multifunctional assembly hall, renovations to the football field, baseball diamond, and a refresh of the current facilities, with the goal of impacting children and families in the Cedar Crest area for generations to come. This video was produced by Corgan to create excitement within the community and help raise funds for the upcoming renovations.  

The Team
Creative Director: Linda Joseph
DP: Luke Boney
Producer: Adam Flaa
Editor: Jigna Pappas